The Tiny Bus Collective began with a school bus–sized dream to build a collective of creatives and help businesses on their road to success. At the time, the tiny house movement was all the rage, and with a new startup, office space funds were limited. So designer and Houston native, Megan White, purchased a yellow school bus. After a couple months of construction (and help from dad), a mobile office space was created inside. It was super cool, and the Tiny Bus Collective began producing quality branding services for a variety of nonprofits and businesses throughout Texas (Houston, Austin, and Dallas) as well as in Philadelphia, Ohio, California, and Florida.

For three years, the bus served as mascot, mobile office, meeting space, and hangout for our little collective. But as the collective grew, so did our needs for even more mobility and freedom to travel, create, and give. In 2018, when Megan heard about an orphanage that she supported in the Philippines that needed funds to expand and build a boys’ home, she knew it was time. She sold the tiny bus and gave everything above its face value to help the orphanage.

Selling the bus left a hole in our hearts, but the Tiny Bus Collective wasn’t ever about the bus. It’s about designing the perfect website so everyone can find out about beautiful homemade shoes. About telling the difficult stories of sex-trafficking victims so people will give to the cause. About getting the word out about a unique birthing service so new moms feel understood and heard. It’s about the creativity, the collective, and helping others get to where they need to go.

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Branding + Websites

Branding + Websites
We work with you to craft a unique logo and identity that represents not only your company but you. We’ll find the perfect fonts, colors, website design, and branding parameters to tie everything together so you can wave your flag high.


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Print Collateral
The proof is in the paper. And we’ve got you covered. We offer printed collateral designs and layouts, such as books, albums, signage, flyers—basically anything that can be printed. Every piece is specially crafted to be seamless with your branding, and we work with local printers to ensure the best quality and timeliness.


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Photography + Videography
We have award-winning photographers and videographers available to capture the perfect moments that encapsulate your company. Before they get behind the lens, they take time to learn about your business, speak with you, and make you feel comfortable.


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Writing + Editing
Whether your business started off as a scribble on a napkin or a 12-point plan slide show, we know your words matter. We offer content writing for websites, social media campaigns, and print collateral. Our writers work with you to make sure the words on paper reflect the heart of your company. We also provide copyediting and proofreading so you come across exactly the way you want.


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Social Media
Social media isn’t just for pictures of cute dogs. When you’re launching a company, brand refresh, or new resource, social media is a great communication tool. We design social media campaigns, built just for your business, so everyone knows what’s going on, where to go, and how to get involved.


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Custom Music
Ever watched a movie without background music? That’s right, it’s weird. So we like to make sure your videos have a custom-made, perfectly crafted soundtrack. Our producers work with the videographers and you to create music that brings your business to life.


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Megan White

Owner/Lead Designer

Cory Hale


Joe Calderon


Katie Smith



Tiny Bus Testimonials
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We believe big things often have tiny bus beginnings.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a big deal, our designers, photographers, editors, and composers are full of coffee and great ideas just waiting to help.