A lot has been done to the bus this past month! Once the subfloor was put in, we started framing the walls. We waited a little while for the tub to be delivered and once it was, we were able to frame the bathroom. I ordered a 24" x 36" "tub" pan from Camping World. I also ordered a Laveo Dry Flush Electric Waterless Toilet. It will mount to the floor and that's it. No plumbing or black tanks to mess with.

Once we had everything mostly framed, the electrician came out - we were at a standstill until he came to run the wires. Now that the wires are in place, we will put insulation in and finishing framing the bunk beds and adding the kitchen cabinets the electrician will come back and finish the breaker and such. 

We have many more phases to go but now we're really cooking with diesel!

Megan WhiteComment